Oxygen Emergency By-Pass Valve

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Ambulance Oxygen Emergency By-Pass Valve.

  • The Oxygen Emergency By-Pass Valve function is to allow the Paramedic full control of the Oxygen system, not allowing unauthorized personnel access.
  • The Oxygen Emergency By-Pass Valve is solenoid operated with a manual by-pass.
  • The solenoid is connected to the vehicle's ignition or a separate power switch. Once the solenoid is energized the Oxygen system is ready for use.
  • If the power switch is turned off or the vehicle's electrical system is interrupted, the Oxygen system is still accessible by turning the Manual By-Pass knob from the OFF position to the ON position.
  • The Oxygen Emergency By-Pass Valve INPUT is connected to the Output of the regulator; OUTPUT is connected to the Rough-in of the Medgas Outlet.


  • Available in chrome or aluminum trim